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Love Jar


The LOVE JAR collection was inspired by a short tale called “The Oil Jar” written by the Sicilian writer Pirandello.
We’ve selected this narrative because it holds a deep connection to Sicily and our hometown. The broken jar, is a reflection of the brokenness we all may carry, be it in spirit or body. Pottery embodies the healing power and clay becomes the medium that heals the heart. At Pottery Gagliano we don’t just create; we heal. Feel the earth beneath your fingertips, a connection that transcends mere touch. Here, in this tactile dance, the mind meets the senses, fingers speak to the brain, and eyes ignite the flames of imagination. This isn’t just pottery; it’s the bridge between brokenness and wholeness.

“The Oil Jar” written by Pirandello

The Tale of the Trapped Potter

Don Lollo, a farmer from Santo Stefano di Camastra, purchased a magnificent oil jar to store the surplus olive oil from his farm’s bountiful harvest. But disaster struck when the jar broke into two pieces during the hectic olive harvest. In a desperate attempt to mend it, Don Lollo sought the help of Zi’ Dima, an old craftsman renowned for his repair skills.

Zi’ Dima, confident in his abilities, attempted to mend the jar using rivets, as Don Lollo desired. However, in a bizarre turn of events, Zi’ Dima found himself trapped inside the jar he had just repaired! Don Lollo, bewildered by the situation, sought legal advice and was advised to free Zi’ Dima and demand compensation for his incompetence.

A dilemma arose over the value of the jar and Zi’ Dima’s stubborn refusal to pay. As tensions escalated, Don Lollo, fueled by frustration, pushed the jar down a slope, shattering it against an olive tree. Despite Don Lollo’s anger, Zi’ Dima emerged victorious.

This tale, rooted in Sicilian tradition, symbolises the healing power of art. Just as Zi’ Dima mended broken jars, Roberto and Marcella, inspired by this story, aim to heal through pottery. His studio in Brighton serves as a sanctuary where individuals find solace and inspiration through art.

The broken jar represents the emotional and physical struggles people face, while Zi’ Dima embodies the healing power of art. Through clay, individuals connect with their inner selves, finding peace and tranquility amidst life’s challenges. Roberto, like Zi’ Dima, believes in the transformative potential of art, creating a community of artists and artisans united by their passion for pottery.

The jar, a symbol of healing, holds the power of clay’s therapeutic effect. Roberto and Marcella, through pottery, encapsulate this power, offering it to those in need of restoration and renewal.