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Alberto Bustos – Filaments and Textures Workshop


Filaments and Textures Workshop 
26th, 27th, 28th  July 2024
9AM – 5PM (one hour lunch break)

All materials included,
Firing of the first day artwork included.

Read below the course description.


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Workshop “Filaments and textures”

“Self-taught as I am, I never dreamt that my passion and admiration for Ceramics would turn into my way of life, would give meaning to my life.

It may well be that my inborn attraction to Nature pushed me down to the ground so as to be fused with earth, our true essence.

Through “natuRareza” I submerge myself into the vegetal Psyche in order to find out those tortured feelings, product of the deterioration of the environment that we humans habitually cause.

My only wish is that my modelling goes in deeply into human sensitivity to revert the harm we are inflicting on ourselves”

The main objective of the workshop is to model the clay directly with our hands, without tools. In this way we will be able to communicate directly with the clay and transmit our feelings.

With the technique of “launch” we will make textured slabs. Also square, flat and rectangular filaments.
Creation of stone textures using pigmented cookies.
Application of coloring pigments and glaze, powder and liquid, on the wet clay to do only one firing.

We will discover how all these techniques can not only be applied to sculptures.

We can also adapt them to the functional ceramic style.
In this workshop I want to tell stories of hope with our pieces, from the most absolute freedom and improvisation, without obsessing with technique.


Shedule program.

1st day:

Video presentation with explanation about my experience in ceramics.

Demonstration of production of slabs by “launch” technique without the use of a roller or any machinery.

Explanation of the elaboration of two types of textured slabs with manual pressure by means of the “launch” technique, after application of coloring pigments with glaze powder.
I will make a piece with the previous techniques.

Application of coloring pigments with powder glaze with brush and hand strainer on the wet clay.
Explanation of the square filament modeling technique with the “launch” technique on a wooden plate.

Application with toothbrush of coloring pigments and glaze mixed with water on wet clay.

Construction of a complete piece to explain step by step the previously explained techniques.
Explanation of craquelure textures in clay powder with glaze.

2nd day:

Explanation of the stony (rocky) texture technique.
Use of different materials for its preparation as; macaroons, sugar cubes and crackers.
Explanation of the technique of modeling flat filaments with the technique of “launch” on a wooden plate.
Application with toothbrush of colored pigments and glaze mixed with water on wet clay.
I will also apply the coloring pigments and glaze directly on the wooden plate.
I will make a piece with the previous techniques.

3rd day:

Demonstration of the technique of “launch” rectangular filaments for various sculptural uses.
We will build cylindrical or quadrangular pieces with internal roller or quadrangular wood and we will apply the coloring pigments with glaze and water with a toothbrush and also in powder form on wood.
With the same technique we will make textured flat filaments and we will use them for different sculptural or functional constructions on wet clay.
I will also apply the coloring pigments and glaze directly on the wooden plate.

Opening of the kiln and discussion of the results.

Materials and firing are included.

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