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Naked Raku Workshop with Di Luca Ceramics – 10th July 2024


Naked Raku Workshop with Di Luca Ceramics


Firing day – 10th July 2024, 10 am – 5 pm.
Location – Pottery Gagliano
Cost – £225.00
Booking – online through the website.

This workshop is suitable for everyone aged 18+, whether you are new to Raku and want to learn a bit about this exciting firing technique, or you are an old hand at it.


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Naked Raku Workshop with Di Luca Ceramics

We will be running a Naked Raku Workshop firing day at the studio on 10th July 2024. 
The Naked Raku day is suitable for everyone, whether you are new to Raku and want to learn a bit about this exciting firing technique, or you are an old hand at it.

The workshop

The Raku day will include an overview of the Raku process and regular firings throughout the day.
You may bring your own bisque fired pots (please see below for size and construction details) or we will have some bisque pots available to buy on the day for you to decorate and fire.
If you are bringing your own piece, it would be better to use TS (terra sigillata) or burnishing your pots.
We will use some organic materials to create unique decoration and effect; you are very welcome to bring your own (e.g. horse hair).
Tea, coffee and biscuits will be provided.
Please bring your own lunch.

Health and Safety

Raku is an exciting process involving flames, very hot pots and smoke.
Please wear cotton clothing with long sleeves (You will smell smokey at the end of the day!).
Please do not wear open toed shoes.
Please ensure that hair is tied back if long and clothing isn’t flowing.

Bringing your own pots

If you wish to bring/make your own pots please make sure they fit within these guidelines.
Pots need to made from a Raku clay (such as Ashraf Hanna clay or a crank body) and of an even thickness and not too thin walled to survive the thermal shock. Pots need to be bisque fired. We are limited by the size of the kiln so pieces need to be no more than 16cm wide or 23cm tall. Please only bring one piece at the top end of these of these measurements.  We will make sure that everyone gets the chance to fire at least three pieces throughout the day.

Naked Raku
The Naked technique is a different type of Raku where it is possible to obtain an amazing pattern. There are two forms of naked raku: the two-step technique (resist slip and glaze) and the one-step technique (resist slip only). Note the resist slip is different in both techniques.
The clay for this type of the naked raku is really thin and porous to allow smoke to penetrate inside it. When pieces are dry, it is required to spread a slip called Terra Sigillata, onto the surface. This process needs to be repeated several times to obtain a shiny surface. Between each layer it is good to polish the surface with a t-shirt or a soft fabric. As soon as Terra Sigillata has been applied on to the creation, the surface must not be contaminated with
fingerprints. You can for example, use cotton gloves.
The bisque is fired at a higher temperature than the common Raku. Afterwards we can apply a special slip to allow the glaze to come off at the end. The special slip must not dissolve during the second firing. If at all possible, it is suggested to utilise a simple white glaze to obtain the Naked effect. The surface must be smooth to remove the slip easily between the surface of the clay and the glaze. Also a smooth surface allows the distinction between white
(clay) and black (smoke) highlighting the pieces. The pieces are extracted at 800-900°C. When the pieces are extracted they must be placed into the sawdust inside a metal bin and sealed with a lid, for the time required for the correct smoking level. The time inside the bin depends on the size of the pieces and the effect you want on your pieces. In conclusion, mostly the white clay and the polishing procedure obtain the high contrast between black and
white. If you don’t like the result you need to re-fire at around 700° C to remove the smoke marks and start all over again. However the areas, which have previously been black, will absorb less smoke and fumes.


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