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Saggar Firing Workshop with Di Luca Ceramics – 22nd July 2022


We will be running a Saggar Firing Workshop at the studio on the 22th July 2022.


Firing day – Friday 22nd July 2022, 10 am – 5 pm.
Location – Pottery Gagliano
Cost – £140.00
Booking – online through the website.

This workshop is suitable for everyone aged 18+, whether you are new to Raku and want to learn a bit about this exciting firing technique, or you are an old hand at it.


4 spaces available



Saggar Firing Workshop with Di Luca Ceramics

We will be running a Saggar Firing Workshop  firing day at the studio on  Friday 22nd July 2022. 
The Raku day is suitable for everyone, whether you are new to Raku and want to learn a bit about this exciting firing technique, or you are an old hand at it.

The workshop

The Raku day will include an overview of the Raku process and regular firings throughout the day.
You may bring your own bisque fired pots (please see below for size and construction details) or we will have some bisque pots available to buy on the day for you to decorate, glaze and fire. The glaze evening will involve learning some different Raku glaze techniques and decorating some of your pots ready for firing on the Raku day.
We are planning to have a shared lunch. If you are happy to participate in this please bring something to share. Tea, coffee and biscuits will be provided.

Health and Safety

Raku is an exciting process involving flames, very hot pots and smoke.
Please wear cotton clothing with long sleeves (You will smell smokey at the end of the day!).
Please do not wear open toed shoes.
Please ensure that hair is tied back if long and clothing isn’t flowing.
We will control some of the smoke by using wet towels over the reduction bins, but there will likely still be a considerable amount of smoke generated throughout the day (face masks available).
If you have any thick gloves (gardening/ leather/ welding etc) please bring them. They can be useful for handling your hot pots when they come out of the reduction bin.

Bringing your own pots

If you wish to bring/make your own pots please make sure they fit within these guidelines.
Pots need to made from a Raku clay (such as Ashraf Hanna clay or a crank body) and of an even thickness and not too thin walled to survive the thermal shock. Pots need to be bisque fired. We are limited by the size of the kiln so pieces need to be no more than 18cm wide or 23cm tall. Please only bring one piece at the top end of these of these measurements.  We will make sure that everyone gets the chance to fire at least three pieces throughout the day. You are welcome to bring a few more but there may not be time or space to fire them.

Saggar Firing

The practice of making pots using raw materials and then burnishing them without glaze, stretches back to thousands of years ago. Saggar is a container used during the firing process to enclose and protect ware fired in the kiln. Traditionally, ‘saggars’ were made primarily from fireclay. The name is a contraction of the word safeguard. The use of saggars is widespread, including China, Korea, Japan and the United Kingdom. Saggars are still used in the production of ceramics to protect ware from the direct contact of flames and from damage by kiln debris.

In this specific case, layers of aluminium and pieces of thin clay create the container. The Saggar firing is more successful if the Saggars are similar to the size and shape of the items that have to be fired. For best results you should have a maximum of an inch of air space between the saggar wall and the creation. Saggar firing provides the most dynamic surface and it is impossible to obtain the same result twice.


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